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So many of us have had fathers who have failed us, abused us, or let us down. Others may have had dads who were absent due to divorce, death, or abandonment. Still others were lucky enough to have fathers who loved us in their own way, but were unable to demonstrate their love, or give us their protection – what we call "silent" fathers. Each of these types of dads have left a hole within us – a hole that most of us have been unable to fill.

Thankfully, there are a number of wonderful support groups for children and teens who are growing up without a father. So many fatherless adults, however, have had to face growing up without such help. I believe that there is a compelling need for a resource where adults can share their stories and learn from the stories of others who have faced being fatherless. Through this resource, perhaps we can gather strength from each other and gain new insight into how to come to terms with the emptiness we all feel because of the absence, neglect, abuse, or silence of our fathers. Growing Up Without A Father will be such a resource.

This website will provide a safe place for adults to land and share their journey. With the support of our community and our sponsors, we will eventually create a “Center For Fatherless Adults” in Atlanta, Georgia. In the interim, we plan to hold seminars at various locations for adults who are living with the void that the absence of caring fathers have imprinted on their hearts, their souls, and their minds. This website will alert the community when such seminars are scheduled. (Keep linking to this page for future announcements.)

Of course, we can never condone our fathers’ neglect. However, by acknowledging our pain, our emptiness, and our anger through the sharing of our journeys, we will begin to heal. Through healing, perhaps forgiveness will come, and, through forgiveness, we may finally let go of the rage we have carried for so long.

Our journeys may be different. But this website will help to keep us all on the same path – to a full, rich, and loving life.


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"...a misconception about forgiveness is that in order to forgive, we must forget. If we still retain the memory of what was done to us, we think that we have not truly forgiven. In fact, just the opposite is true. To forgive is to remember. That is because forgiveness is not just a one-time action on our part; it is usually something that we must choose to do over and over again. If we are to continue to forgive, we must continue to remember."
- David Stoop, Ph.D.
Making Peace With Your Father